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Fork Lift Trucks

Forklift Trucks

Forklift Trucks (also called Lift Trucks. Fork Trucks or Fork lifts) are Diesel Engine powered Counterbalanced industrial Trucks to carry out lift & carry operation of Materials, Cargo, Cases, Boxes, Raw materials to be the best forklift manufacturer in India. Containers, loose Cargo etc. with the 2 Forks provided in the front. Fork Lifts are rated for loads at a specified max. Weight and a specified forward Center of Gravity.

Forks are fitted to the Heavy Duty, full-visibility Mast Assembly made from high tensile strength Steel. The inner section of the Mast telescopes with the outer section on larger diameter Rollers. Design of the Mast Ensures very high resistance to twisting and bending, particularly necessary in high lift conditions.Mast is pivoted to the front portion of the Chassis. Up & Down and Tilting movement of Forks are achieved by Hydraulic System. Lift Cylinders facilitate lifting and lowering operation of Forks whereas Tilt Cylinders provides tilting movement to the Masts which in-turn enables tilting of Forks. Side Shift Cylinders provide Shifting of Forks to the sides.

Fork Lift Truck is used for lifting and moving of Materials, Loading & Unloading of Trucks/ Trailers, Stuffing & De stuffing of 20' & 40' Containers etc. which is a critical element of Warehouses, distribution centers, Ports, Container Corporations, Airports, Manufacturing Companies etc. Fork Lift Trucks are available in many variations of lift heights and load capacities. Hence, selection of the Fork Lift Truck has to be done mainly based on the required lifting capacity and lift height to be the best forklift manufacturer.